Submit your article

The editors invite authors to submit their articles for publication on the “Eurasian Studies” analytical portal.

For review, the article should be sent to:


  1. The article should be devoted to the topic (a certain aspect) of Eurasian economic integration.
  2. At the beginning of the article you the author’s full name, academic degrees, titles, position, organization and city of writing the material need to be indicated.
  3. The style of the text needs to be scientific and journalistic.
  4. The volume of text is depends on the quality and purpose of the material.
  5. Please send the material in rtf or doc format.
  6. The material should have a clear structure, which should reflect 1) the current state, 2) the main problems, 3) recommendations for overcoming the problems or a forecaste the future development.
  7. The proposed recommendations should guide the work of relevant state, private and non-profit structures, but should not repeat the initiatives that are already being implemented.
  8. The text should have an analytical summary containing all the main conclusions, recommendations and results of the analysis.
  9. Main semantic blocks need to be separated by subtitles.
  10. Quotations are given only to confirm the author’s arguments. Valuation judgments should be based on factual information.
  11. For statistics and citations, the author must provide links to authoritative sources, preferably Internet sources. The link to the Internet source needs to be indicated in brackets next to the quote or statistics. Electronic resources like Wikipedia are a secondary source of information. The primary source must be indicated.
  12. For example: “… the share of trade was 45% (…
  13. Links to printed sources need to be placed at the end of the text and in accordance with usual academic style.
  14. When indicating the time period, the calendar date needs to be written. For example: not “yesterday”, “last month / year”, but October 25, 2011, in April 2010.
  15. The editorial staff will evaluate the material in accordance with the following criteria:
    1. Scientific approach. The material should correspond to the stated topic, using a scientific apparatus and observing the rules of scientific citation;
    2. Analytical presentation of information. The facts need to reinforce the analytical conclusions.
    3. Uniqueness. The proportion of previously unpublished text should be at least 80%;
    4. Freshness. The latest sources of information and statistics should be used.
    5. Practical relevance. The material should contain reasonable criticisms, specific recommendations and practical measures for their implementation.
  16. The editors reserve the right to edit the text.
  17. The editors reserve the right to refuse the article due to non-compliance with the listed requirements.
  18. Acceptance of the article for publication does not mean that the editorial office adheres to the author’s point of view.