“Refugees” or Postliberals? What is the True Challenge for Europe?

_ Maximilian Dvorak Stocker (Graz), Expert at the Center for Continental Cooperation think-tank, author at the publishing house «Ares Verlag» and the Austrian printed journal “Neue Ordnung”

Gerhart Baum, one of the former Interior Ministers of Germany held a lecture on April 13th 2016 on the topic “Refugees- A Challenge for Europe?”. Mr. Baum was part of the left-liberal wing in the Free Democratic Party (FDP) of Germany. The lecture was held at the school of the German Embassy in Moscow and was organised by the “Friedrich Naumann Stiftung”, a German NGO which already got into trouble with the Russian government over the infamous “Foreign Agent” law , in cooperation with the Rotary Club Moscow. The event was moderated by Matthias Schepp, head of the Moscow office of the German printed journal “Der Spiegel”, whose readers and sold copies have decreased sharply over the last few years.

Mr. Baum’s lecture on the so called “Refuge crisis” was dominated by a strong anti-Eastern European discourse, directed especially against Russia. The former minister blamed the Eastern European states as “inhumane and selfish” simply for being opposed to mass immigration into their home countries. He denied the democratic right of the peoples to stipulate their own domestic border policies. In general his manner of speech was quite authoritarian. Furthermore, he put the blame for the “Refugee crisis” on Russia, since Moscow allegedly “bombed and killed so many civilians”.

Unfortunately the former minister didn’t loose a word about the involvement of the US-American and even German governments who oppenly and secretly supported the the jihadists from the Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front with weapons and/or financial aid. Unfortuntately the honorable minister a.d. didn’t mention as well the German arms deals with Saudi Arabia, a fundementalist socierty who is now using the aquired German weaponry to carry out ethnic cleansings in Yemen.

Furthermore Mr. Baum put forward the postmodern idea of an “open borders policy” by the EU. He completely denied any negative results of such a policy coherent to the mass uncontroled immigration which has already led to the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brusseles, to rapes in Cologne and to massive criminal activities carred out all over Europe by certain, yet numerous, representatives of the recent immigration waves.

Critical questions by the hall were either not answered my Mr. Baum or they were blamed as initially wrong without any argument by the minister’s side.

This would be nothing more than yet another russophobic speech given by a representative of the German postliberal transatlanticist elite at yet another event hosted by a Western NGO in Russia. However, it is more than just that. Mr. Baum represents a line of thought, shared and propagated by the German mainstream media and a large part of the current political establishment, both who have their ties with the country situated behind the Atlantic ocean.

People of this lobby argue that the liberal post-Germans who forget their own cultural borders and welcome immigrants to come live in his country is moraly better than everyone else. It is a thought of a “New European man”. It is a new superiority delusion, first warned about by the founding father of the European Union – Count von Coudenhove-Kalergi. This “new aristocracy” wants to bring forward a new post-traditional society based on an atheist, globalist and Americanized belief system. This new order is being pushed forwad by a small group of pro-American politicians and journalists of the “high society” who thereby support the self destruction of the German culture (or what is left of it).

However, those people have nothing in common with the democratic and liberal rethoric they master. They, in fact, are post-liberals using the word “libleralism” as a disguise. Having created an atmosphere of intolerance against any conservative or Christian political thought, any real opposition is being ostracized by their mainstream media and political establishment. Even the most moderate patriotic civil activist is readily named a “Nazi” and any journalist critical of the NATO enlargement to the East is easily called a “Putinversteher”. This is why many Germans are too afraid to express their opinion in public.

Most of the German population is against such a policy. Fortuntately, for some years now the situation has been gradually changing, exscpecially in Eastern Germany. But the future is yet uncertain.

Minister Baum’s speech at the German school in Moscow is symptomatic of a new intellectual and political struggle in Germany.

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