EAEU to track international transit of goods using navigation devices

_ Minsk, 13 March 2019.

Representatives of the customs services and national operators of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Eurasian Economic Commission, government bodies and academia of the Republic of Belarus got acquainted with the practical results of an internal pilot project on the use of a tracking system for international transit of goods using navigation devices at Kozlovichi checkpoint.

Kozlovichi checkpoint became the fourth checkpoint at which the experiment began. Initially, in February of this year, it was launched at Bruzgi checkpoint, in early March – at Grigorovshchina and Kamenny Log. The next stage of the use of this system will be carried out at the end of March at Novaya Guta checkpoint.

Based on the results of the experiment, comprehensive proposals will be prepared for the introduction of a transportation tracking system into commercial operation.

This project is focused on the operational monitoring of the routes of international transport vehicles in real time.

The use of navigation seals contributes to the safe transportation of transit goods from the recipient to the sender, as well as ensuring the legal movement of goods without opening throughout the route.

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