Western experts visit the Eurasian Economic Commission

28 March 2019, participants of the Meeting Russia program visited the headquarters of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) in Moscow, Russia.

“Meeting Russia” is a unique Russian public diplomacy program, which annually brings together young experts, journalists, representatives of government agencies and public organisations from Europe, the USA and Canada. The goal of the program is to acquaint representatives of the young intellectual and political elite of the West with the foreign policy agenda of Russia and to build a dialogue for the future.  The organiser of the program is the NGO “Creative Diplomacy”.

The staff of the Eurasian Economic Commission told the young Western experts about the goals, objectives and nature of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), about the structure of its supranational and intergovernmental institutions and about the decision-making mechanism. During their presentation the representatives from the EEC paid special attention to the Union’s digital agenda, as well as to the development of trade and economic relations of the EAEU with third countries and associations. The participants were also shown a modern information system used by the Commission at meetings of the EEC Council and the EEC Board.

An open discussion followed suit. The questions from the representatives of Western NGOs, media and research community were devoted to topics such as: Eurasian integration and the digital economy; EAEU plans for the future; conjunction of the EAEU with the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative; prospects for a common energy market of the Union; EAEU relations with the European Union; the powers of the EAEU Court and the possibility, in the future, of legal enforcement of the implementation of the provisions of the EAEU Treaty by the member states of the block.

The event was attended by Yuri Kofner, head of the Eurasian Sector at the Higher School of Economics, Research Associate at IIASA (Vienna, Austria). A brief description of the EAEU in 2019, written after the meeting, can be read here.

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