Forwards – towards the EAEU’s jubilee!

_ Yuri Kofner, editor-in-chief, analytical media “Eurasian Studies”. Munich, 1 January 2019.

2018 was a year of great success for the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), which is aimed at increasing the welfare of its citizens, creating a single market and modernizing the economies of the member states of the Union.

On the external contour, trade with third countries grew. The Republic of Moldova became the first observer state of the Union. Agreements were signed on a temporary free trade zone with Iran and on trade and economic cooperation with China. Memorandums of cooperation with the CIS and ASEAN were signed.

In the internal contour, the mutual trade of the member states grew and many internal barriers were removed. The EAEU Customs Code came into force, the Union’s digital transformation progressed (in particular, the EAEU Digital Office was established), industrial cooperation in the space and agro-industrial sectors were actively implemented. The national banks of the Union agreed to harmonize their rules, which was a significant step towards a common financial market. At the end of the year, the heads of member states of the Union signed the “Declaration on the further development of integration processes within the EAEU”, enshrining many promising areas of integration (including the introduction of cooperation in education, science, sports and tourism, as well as strengthening components of digital transformation and industrial corporation), which were proposed under the presidency of the Russian Federation in the EAEU’s bodies in 2018.

In 2019, Eurasianists and supporters of Eurasian integration intend not to stop at what they have achieved and to increase their successes. A common electricity market is planned, to further work on eliminating trade barriers, to strengthen the legal and institutional framework of the Union, including through deeper intergovernmental interaction. Various preferential agreements should be signed with Singapore, India, Egypt, Serbia and other countries. Next year, the presidency in the bodies of the Union passes to Armenia.

The upcoming year is especially significant for us. We will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the EAEU and the 25th anniversary of the idea of modern Eurasian integration.

During this period, the Eurasian Economic Union established itself as a rapidly developing, open and attractive integration block, which has become the indisputable reality of the economic processes in Eurasia. For the first time in history the EAEU is a completely peaceful, voluntary, democratic, equal and market-based unification of the countries and peoples of the Eurasian space.

Slowly but surely, a new young elite is appearing, which already thinks in terms of the Union and sees its vocation in achieving the above stated goals of peace, freedom and prosperity of the peoples of Eurasia. For this, we live and work together …

On behalf of all Eurasianists – analysts of the media portal “Eurasian Studies”and on my own behalf, I congratulate you on the upcoming 2019 year! I wish you success, love and health!

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