Young EAEU experts presented their vision of the future Eurasian integration

On October 24, 2018, as part of the Eurasian Week international forum in Yerevan, a brainstorm session “The future of the EAEU through the eyes of youth” was held.

More than 100 young experts from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) took part in the discussion. The session was coordinated and moderated by Viktor Shakhmatov, Head, Analytical Support, Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC); Kubatbek Rakhimov, Chairman, Committee on Industrial Policy, Export and Infrastructure, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, Yuri Kofner, Head, Eurasian Sector, Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”.

The experts drew attention to a number of aspects that must be considered when developing the image of the future of the Union. In particular, the composition of the member states, possible trade and economic agreements with third countries, the place of the Union in the global economic architecture, the possible depth and nature of future integration: whether it is necessary to expand the powers of the EEC, whether the integration agenda should inlcude social and cultural issues of cooperation.

The participants were divided into ten teams and developed their models of the future EAEU. They supported their concepts with slogans and hashtags, illustrations and diagrams.

The first place was shared by two teams. One of them presented an image of the future of the EAEU in the form of a ship, which symbolizes that the countries of the Union are moving towards the same goal in the ocean of globalization. “Towards the welfare of the people through integration and trust” – this slogan, in the opinion of the young participants, reflects the future of the EAEU. Uniform quality standards, a unified transport system, the deepening of cooperative ties, including in the cultural and humanitarian space, are all signs of the Union of the future, in which active, enterprising, creative and peace-loving people will live.

According to the second winning team, the strength of the EAEU is in its uniqueness. The participants presented their concept in the form of a spiral, which included residents of the Union. The spiral personifies the continuing improvement of the Union.

Other variations of the future EAEU include close cooperation with the European Union, a significant expansion in the number of member states of the Union, the formation of a political Union and a common visa space. Other slogans were: “EAEU – the path to unlimited opportunities”, “EAEU: comfortable – for business, friendly – for people, open – for the world” and others.

The authors of the best projects will have the opportunity to do an internship at the EEC in Moscow.

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