Experts of the HSE and the Eurasian Commission discussed reduction of barriers in the Eurasian Economic Union

24 September 2018 at the site of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) in Moscow, an expert meeting of researchers from the OECD-HSE Partnership Center with specialists from the Domestic Markets Operation Department of the EEC was held.

The experts discussed the main barriers to the creation of common markets and to the free movement of goods, services, labor, capital and enterprises in the Eurasian Economic Union. The focus was on such issues as the creation of a common public procurement market, Western sanctions, the EAEU’s technical regulation system, the Department’s interactive information platform

The discussion was attended by: From the Domestic Markets Operation Department, EEC: David Yesayan, Head of Planning and Analysis; Dmitry Khorshev, Head of Monitoring and Information Interaction; Berik Umytbaev, Advisor, Monitoring and Information Interaction; Marina Ilyina Maria, Advisor, Planning and Analysis. From the Higher School of Economics: Tatiana Meshkova, Director of the OECD-HSE Partnership Center; Olga Demidkina, leading expert of the OECD-HSE Partnership Center; Vladimir Izotov, leading expert of the OECD-HSE  Partnership Center; Alexandrova Malakhova, intern of the OECD-HSE Partnership Center; Yuri Kofner, head, Eurasian sector, CCEIS and analyst at the OECD-HSE Partnership Center.

The results of the consultations will be included in the analytical materials of the research project “Analysis of the Prospective Directions for the Development of Eurasian Integration Taking into Account the Strategic Challenges of the Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Challenges of the Russian Presidency in the EAEU in 2018”, conducted by the Higher School of Economics on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation.

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