EAEU to create online platform for consumer protection disputes

_ Tatyana Kudryavtseva. Bishkek, 21 July 2018.

The Eurasian Economic Commission proposed to create an online dispute resolution system on consumer protection issues. The press service of EEC reported.

According to it, the system will make offers in the e-commerce more attractive to consumers. They will be able to quickly solve all the difficulties that arise. Representatives of the countries — members of the Eurasian Economic Union supported the proposal. It is planned that the system will be launched on the basis of the Office of the Digital Projects Management of the Union.

«The Institute of Mediation functions in all countries of the EAEU, but this system has not been transformed into digital format so far. The creation of a pilot project on online dispute resolution will provide the union with additional benefits. We have to explain to business why such a system is needed, and clearly set the procedure for resolving disputes,» said Igor Gaevsky, Director of the Department of Sanitary, Phytosanitary and Veterinary Measures of EEC.

In addition, the EEC will prepare recommendations on combating counterfeit goods in the Eurasian market. Today, the states of the union have no uniform approach not only to control over the turnover of such products, but also to the detection of falsified goods.

Source: https://24.kg/

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