Poll: 48% of Moldovans would vote to join Eurasian Economic Union, only 40%- the European Union

_ Chisinau, 3 July 2018.

The socio-political poll made by the Public Opinion Fund (FOP) at the demand of POLIEXPERT reveals that only two political parties would get into the next Parliament of Moldova.

In case of immediate Parliamentary elections, 48,2% of Moldovans would vote for the Socialists’ Party (ex party of President Dodon), while 26,7% would vote for Maia Sandu’s Action and Solidarity Party (PAS). Other parties would get less than the required threshold.

At the same time, 33,3% would definitely not vote for the Democratic Party, 22,6% for the Liberal Party, 10,5% for the Socialists’ Party and 6,6% for PAS.

38,5% of Moldovan citizens trust Igor Dodon the most, followed by Maia Sandu (17,3%). Other politicians like PM Pavel Filip could not get more than 3,7% of people’s trust.

56% of the respondents agreed with the activity of the President of Moldova, only 24% with the activity of the Government and 19% with the Parliament.

Most of the Moldovans would participate (30%+35%) at the referendum possibly organized by President Igor Dodon. Moreover, most would vote in favour of the modifications brought up by Dodon: switching to History of Moldova in schools (78%), reducing the number of deputies from 101 to 71 (88%), enlarging President’s powers to dissolve the Parliament (53% for, 39% against), cancelling the law of the billion (73% for, 23% against).

Worryingly or not, 49% of Moldovans want a President with bigger power. Only 29% want a clearer separation of powers.

In terms of foreign policy, 57% think Moldova should be closer to Russia and only 43% think it should closer to Europe and the West.

About 67% of Moldovans hold positive views of the Russian Federation, 56%- the European Union, Romania- 44%, Ukraine- 39% and the USA- 38%.

Asked what they would for in a referendum, 48% of the respondents said they would vote for Moldova to join the Eurasian Economic Union. Only 40% would vote for joining the European Union.

70% would vote against uniting Romania and only 23% would vote for Reunion.

In the same regard, 76% see Moldovan as the official name of the state language. Only 23% believe it is the Romanian language.

Some 65% would vote against joining NATO, while 21% would vote for joining the military alliance.

48,7% of Moldovans get to learn what’s happening in the country from the social media.

The poll was conducted during 26 May-5 June 2017 with the participation of 1798 people in 110 localities of Moldova. The error rate is 2,3%.

Source: http://www.moldova.org/

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