“Code on product conformity assessment” adopted in EAEU

_ EEC. Minsk, 28 April 2018.

New Model Conformity Assessment Schemes establish single rules for the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) countries for certification, declaration and state registration of products satisfying the requirements of the Union technical regulations. The document, which has been recently adopted by the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), guarantees to entrepreneurs that the procedures established in technical regulations on its basis will be equipollent, and the assessment results in each EAEU country will be comparable. The EEC representatives told about this and a number of other regulatory legal acts of the Union during the seminar held in Minsk at the site of the Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Management.

The seminar was held as part of a series of training activities developed by the Commission to inform entrepreneurs and representatives of state structures of the EAEU countries about the Union system of technical regulation. The event was attended by manufacturers of food products, employees of technical regulation and certification authorities, and state supervision (control) authorities of the Republic of Belarus.

The seminar addressed major changes in the Union’s documents in the sphere of conformity assessment as well as the peculiarities of usage of a number of technical regulations on fish, meat, milk, and packaged drinking water. The attendees discussed new revisions of the Procedure for registration, suspension, renewal and termination of the EAEU declarations of conformity of products to the requirements of EAEU technical regulations and the Procedure for formation and maintenance of the single register of issued certificates of conformity and registered declarations of conformity. The implementation of these documents will also make it possible to create a single information system in the Union.

“Model conformity assessment schemes have aroused particular interest in the Republic of Belarus, – noted Lily Maksudyan, Deputy Director of the EEC Department of Technical Regulation and Accreditation. “It is, in fact, the Code on conformity assessment, defining general horizontal legislation in this sphere, an agreed basis for revising the Union technical regulations.”

As opposed to the current regulation, these new model schemes include a detailed description of the procedures for product type researches, production status analysis and production control.

Nine certification schemes and six declaration schemes have been retained within these Model schemes. As for the certificate of state registration, separate schemes have been specified for its execution: 1r – for goods manufactured on the territory of the EAEU, and 2p – for imported products manufactured outside the Union. The certificate of state registration of products will cease to be an open-ended document and will be issued for five years.

The seminar attendees confirmed their interest in holding similar events, which provide a uniform approach in the Member States to the training of personnel implementing the EAEU technical regulations.

Source: http://www.eurasiancommission.org/

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