Extentsion of the call for papers on “Theory of Eurasian Integration”

Attention! The deadline for submitting applications and articles for participation in the international research conference “Theory of Eurasian Integration”, which will be held on May 29, 2018 at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow has been extended.

The deadline for applications and articles has been extended until May 20, 2018, inclusivly. It is also possible to participate in the conference in a remote format (via Skype). In addition, the organizers are ready to consider the possibility of simply publishing an article in the collective working paper (i.e., without giving a report at the conference). The organizers will notify all applicants about the results of the competition not later than May 24, 2018.

Please send articles on one of the issues for discussion listed below:

  • Is it appropriate to talk about a “Theory of Eurasian integration” by analogy with the theory of European integration? Or is it too early for that?
  • What is the idea behind modern Eurasian integration?
  • Theory of Eurasian integration and the theory of European integration: essence, similarities and differences?
  • Are there different approaches / theoretical schools in the theory of Eurasian integration? What are they?
  • Is it possible to talk about the principles and values ​​of Eurasian integration, i.e. about “Eurasian values” (by analogy with the “European values” of the EU)? What are the values ​​of the EAEU? Is this a justified question?
  • Does the Eurasian Economic Union have its own “aquis communitaire”?
  • What are the differences between the EAEU and the concept of a “Greater Eurasian Partnernship” in the theory of Eurasian integration?

The application form, requirements for the article, the draft program of the conference, contacts and additional information can be found under this link.

Taking this opportunity, the organizers are pleased to announce that the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) will represented at the panel sessions by Elena Alekseenkova, PhD in Political Sciences, analytical manager,  RIAC, researcher, Center for Global Problems, MGIMO.

We are also pleased to announce that during the panel session there will be the first public presentation of the RIAC lecture materials “EAEU: a space of economic integration” under the authorship of Marina Lapenko, PhD in History, Director, “Eurasia-Volga” expert-analytical club.

Also, the official presentation of the working paper by the analytical media “Eurasian Studies” on “Eurasian Economic Union: Cultural and Historical Foundations of Eurasian Integration and Economic Benefits for the Member States”, that was prepared by the participants of the International School for Young Researchers “Greater Eurasia”, which was held from May 7 to May 13, 2018 in Kazan.

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