Entrepreneurs from EAEU Countries Guarantee Safety of Goods

_ EEC. Moscow, 20 March 2018.

Members of the EEC Board adopted the Procedure for Registration, Suspension, Renewal and Termination of the Declaration of the Products’ Conformity with the Requirements of Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union.

“The declaration of conformity is a key document that confirms the safety of products and grants the right to market them, – emphasized Valery Koreshkov, Member of the EEC Board – Minister in charge of Technical Regulation. – The producer guarantees therein that the products it supplies satisfy all the requirements of Technical Regulations. Today, almost 80% of adopted Technical Regulations of the EAEU provide for conformity assessment of products in the form of declaration. More than four millions declarations of conformity are registered on the customs territory of the Union.”

According to the Minister of the EEC, the adopted Procedure shall replace the 2013 Provision on Registration of Declarations of Conformity. Previous document provided for a single procedure for registration of declarations of conformity only with the accredited certification authorities, and their registration with the authorized authority of a Member State in accordance with national legislation, that does not correlate with technical regulation principles established by the Treaty on the EAEU.

The procedure determines single rules for registration of declarations of conformity by so authorized authorities and organizations of the Member States, in particular by accredited certification bodies if it is contemplated by the legislation of the Member States. The new procedure also establishes the list of documents that should be attached to the declarations of conformity for its registration.

The document introduced single requirements regarding suspension, renewal and termination of declarations of conformity.

Issue by the state control authority of a Member State of the relevant order to the applicant constitutes grounds for suspending the declaration of conformity registered with the Unified Register. Issue of such order, as well as suspension (renewal) of the declaration of conformity shall be carried out in accordance with national legislation.
The Procedure outlines several reasons for declaration of conformity termination. This can happen if the applicant himself so decides. In two other cases, the document is terminated following the resolution of the state control authority: when it issues to the applicant an order on termination of the declaration of conformity registered with the national part of the Unified Register of a Member State, or when it invalidates the declaration of conformity.

The state control authority shall send the information on the issue to the applicant of orders suspending or terminating the declaration of conformity, as well as on adoption of other resolutions, including invalidation of the declaration of conformity, to the authority of a Member State responsible for the creation and maintenance of the national part of the Unified Register.

Source: http://www.eurasiancommission.org

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