Republic of Belarus and Eurasian integration: Dialog of Authorities, Science and Business

On 26 February, 2018 in Minsk a round table on the “Republic of Belarus and Eurasian integration: dialog of authorities, science and business”. The event was held as part of the “Belarusian Business Week”. It was co-organized by the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, the “Modernization” Fund, the Belorussian “Eurasian Partnership” NGO, the Eurasian sector of the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) of the Higher School of Economics, 

The event was opened by the leading research associate of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences, expert of the analytical portal “Eurasian Studies” Anton Didikin, who represented to the round table  the research report  “The investment Climate in EAEU member states”.

Mikhail Demidenko, Deputy Director, Centre for Integration Studies, Eurasian Development Bank, told the participants about the factors that hinder the creation of a single Eurasian Union market, namely, non-tariff barriers (financial measures, price control measures, subsidies, various approaches to administration and standardization).

The Deputy Dean, Faculty of International Relations, Belarusian State University Olga Malashenkova told the participants of the round table about the current state of the EAEU and the important role of the BSU in the study of Eurasian integration.

Alexei Toma, Deputy Chairman, “Eurasian Partnership”  NGO,  presented his report: “Recommendations for ensuring an effective dialogue between the authorities, science and business communities of the EAEU member states”.

Other Belarussian expert talking at the round table were: Nikolay Veremeyev, Alexander Schukin, Valentin Starichonok and Igor Avlasenko.

The round table was concluded by, chairman of the presidium, “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship” Vladimir Karyagin, who summed up the main arguments and proposals of the discussion that would allow the Eurasian integration project to develop more successfully.

Photos: Inna Padalinskaya

Translation: Osman Akhonov

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