EAEU countries can benefit from Armenia-Iran free economic zone

Armenia’s developing economy reacts to the very often unpredictable global changes, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

In his words, although the final data for 2017 will be issued at the end of January, we can surely say that the economic growth will be more than what was expected in 2016.

“As for the Eurasian Economic Union, its logic is very simple and pragmatic for Armenia,” noted the PM. “The Eurasian integration project has expanded our economic boundaries.

“The favorable investment and business climate will enable Armenia to become a starting ground for Russian entrepreneurs to enter new markets.

“We have a preferential trade regime, the so called GSP, with USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, and Japan.

“Since 2018, Armenia is a member of the REX system.”

Also, Karapetyan recalled that the Meghri Free Economic Zone (FEZ) has started operating at the end of the year past, on the Armenia-Iran border.

“This FEZ is a good platform for the Russian businesses and capital, which have an interest in Iran,” the Armenian PM noted, in particular.

In addition, Karen Karapetyan said the other EAEU countries, including Russia, can benefit from the aforesaid FEZ and export goods to Iran while the latter can export its products to the EAEU and other countries, under preferential terms.

The Eurasian Economic Union comprises Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Source: https://news.am/

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