OSCE supports cooperation with the EAEU

_ EEC. Vienna, 19 October 2017.

“Respect for and consideration of the interests of all the members is an institutional basis of the EAEU that allows us making decisions acceptable to all the countries of our Union, and enjoy our strategic advantages to the most extent,” the Chairman of the Board of Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), Tigran Sargsyan, stated speaking at the session of the Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna (Austria). Tigran Sargsyan highlighted the priorities of economic development of the Eurasian integration association, principles of interaction with third countries and international organizations, as well as expressed his opinion regarding the possibility of cooperation with the OSCE.

Later, at the working meeting with the OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger, the Chairman of the EEC Board discussed practical aspects of the dialogue of the EEC with the Permanent Council, the Secretariat of the OSCE Secretary General and other OSCE structures, within the framework of the “second basket”, a package of economic and environmental security topics. Thomas Greminger invited the representatives of the Commission for the digital summit, which will be held under the auspices of the OSCE in January 2018. The organizer of the large-scale Forum will be the country that will chair the organization structures (Italy).

“The EAEU development agenda is determined up to 2025 and formed in view of the obvious competitive advantages of the Union – transit, industrial and intellectual capabilities, the diversity of raw materials and natural resources, market capacity in excess of 180 million people, and the ease of communication,” Tigran Sargsyan emphasised in his speech. “The key vectors of our movement forward will be projects that provide a bridge with the Chinese Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative (SREB), as well as the initiative for the digital transformation of the economies of the EAEU countries.”

The Chairman of the EEC Board is sure that the EAEU development and implementation of projects in the framework of the SREB will actively complement each other. The trade and economic agreement, which are currently under development, will be an institutional framework of interaction between China and the Union countries. Tigran Sargsyan drew particular attention to the prospects for cooperation in the field of transport and logistics, the fruits of which not only the EAEU and China, but also Europe can reap. Development of a common transport space, creation of cross-border corridors will increase the efficiency of cargo transportation and create new opportunities for business partnership.

Another cross-border and cross-sectoral development direction of the EAEU, according to Tigran Sargsyan, will be the digitization of all areas of activities of the state and business. The EAEU digital agenda will improve the quality of management, introduction of innovation and new technologies that will enhance the competitive advantages of both the Union countries and the integration association in general. At the same time its globality will expand the space for dialogue and find mutually acceptable solutions to those conflicts that today seem to be invincible.

Noting the similarity of the objectives of the establishment of the OSCE and the EAEU, ensuring decent conditions for the development of countries and peoples, the Chairman of the EEC Board, Tigran Sargsyan, reiterated the importance of further constructive cooperation between the Commission and the OSCE. Practical issues of interaction were discussed during the working meeting of Tigran Sargsyan with the OSCE Secretary General, Thomas Greminger. The parties agreed to prepare a joint action programme. Thomas Greminger invited the representatives of the Commission for the digital summit, which will be held under the auspices of the OSCE in January 2018. “Economic and humanist dimensions in the activity of our organizations have so many things in common, that it would be unpardonable to ignore the opportunities for deepening our ties,” the Chairman of the EEC Board stated after the meeting.

Another important outcome of the speech of the Chairman of the EEC Board, Tigran Sargsyan, at the session of the OSCE Permanent Council was the statement of the representative of the European Commission (EC) on the readiness to cooperate in areas such as technical regulation and mutual trade. The EC representative is sure that it is in the mutual interest. It was noted that currently we could already speak about technical dialogue between the EEC and the EC.

Source: http://www.eurasiancommission.org/

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