Report: EAEU – an EU-Like Legal Order in the Post-Soviet Space

_ Maksim Karliuk, Research Fellow at the HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development, Higher School of Economics. Moscow, 2015.

EAEU – an EU-Like Legal Order in the Post-Soviet Space. Maksim Karliuk. M.: HSE. Moscow. 2015.  – 21 p,


The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is an emerging regional organization of economic integration in the post-Soviet space. Following the limited success of previous integration attempts, it seeks to pursue deeper integration, borrowing features from the EU.

The EAEU possesses a complex system of elements of an emerging legal order, some of which have distinct similarities with the EU, but others are decisively different. This paper analyses these features in order to find whether the legal changes that accompany the creation of the new entity allow ensuring the effective functioning of the EAEU and whether the respective legal order is autonomous similar to that of the EU.

The author argues that the EAEU lags behind the EU in terms of the autonomy of the legal order and in its ability to ensure the effective functioning of the organization. Supranational features are limited, while it relies predominantly on intergovernmental elements with a view to preserve the interests of all Member States.

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