The Eurasianists say that Trump will be worse than Obama

October 27, 2017, the Altai regional office of the Eurasian Movement of the Russian Federation held a round table on “US geopolitics from Obama to Trump”. Students, post-graduate students and teachers of universities of the Altai region took part in the event. Yuri Kofner, chairman of the Eurasian Movement, took part in the roundtable as the main speaker.

A wide range of issues were discussed at the event. The articipants discussed: the electoral processes leading to Barack Obama and then Donald Trump becoming presidents of the USA; the geopolitical views of American conservative politicians – both neocon and isolationist; the trends concerning the transformation of the global world order from Washington-led monopolarity to Russia-China driven multipolarity; the confrontation between North Korea and the United States.

Yuri Kofner in his report ountlined several theses:

  1. The post-Crimea global tensions in the world can be described as a new Cold War between Russia and the United States, initiated by the latter. Or, at least, it can be seen as a continuation of the 20th century Cold War with a short interim period from 1991 to 2014 due to the destruction of the Soviet Union and Russia’s temporary weakness.
  2. This new Cold War can be looked at from two main view points: the geopolitical and the ideological. The geopolitical essence of the conflict stayed the same – it’s still about the control of resources, supply lines, choke points, operational bases and frontiers. However, the ideological aspect of the conflict changed dramastically – from a conflict between capitalism (USA) and socialism (USSR) to a conflict from postmodernity/cultural Marxism (West) and neomodernity/cultural identarianism (Russia).
  3. True Eurasianists, as opposed to adherents of Alexander Dugin, believe, that Donald Trump is no ally to the Eurasianist/cultural identarian cause and he used the Altright movement in the US only to get elected, that he is a tool of the globalist elite, no different from Obama, the Bushes and the Clintons, and that his foreign policy towards Russia will be no different or even worse than his predecessors, continuing the strategies of “Leading from the Rear” (ie. using color revolutions rather than US troops for regime changes) and re-industrialization of the US economy (“America First”, e.g. through fracking, LNG exports, industry 4.0).

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