CES told told the in the United States the truth about the Eurasian Union

Natalya Artemenkova, researcher, Center for Eurasian Studies (CES) participated in the international symposium “Russian-American relations in the global context”, that took place from 11 to 19 March 2017 at the Kennesaw State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology in the State of Georgia, USA.

Natalia gave a presentation titled «The Eurasian Economic Union: Russian March Eastwards or an Alternative to rejoining the West?». The report was about the role of the EAEU and of the Eurasian vector in Russian foreign policy.

The presentation highlighted the theoretical approaches to the study of Eurasian integration by Western and domectic researchers, examined the genesis of the Eurasian integration process and its institutionalization, as well as provided a comparative analysis of the concepts of Russian foreign policy from the period 2000 – 2016. The report led to the conclusion that the EAEU should be viewed as unilateral project Russian aspirations in the region, and tha the Union’s creation is in accordance with sustainable interests of all Member States.

The American professors, students and participants in the symposium listened the report with great interest because for them this topic is still little known. Particular interest was shown by the American students who posed many additional questions about the EAEU.


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