Review: Russia in Resurrection. A Summary of the Views and of the Aims of a New Party in Russia

_ J.H. Penson. Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Volume 7. Issue 5. London, September 1st 1928.

Russia in Resurrection: A Summary of the Views and of the Aims of a New Party in Russia. By “An English Europasian” (London, 1928).

This book gives an account of the policy of the Eurasianists, a group formed among the Russian exiles and emigrants, who also claim some support for their opinions inside Russia itself. Primarily they regard Russia as being not wholly Western, but combining Asiatic with European characteristics. Russia is to them essentially a religious community. The enforced Westernisation, initiated by Peter the Great, ignored the Oriental and religious sides of the Russian mind, and has been responsible for the misery and disasters of succeeding centuries, culminating in the Bolshevik rule.

The anonymous author also deplores the lack of practical administrative ability on the part of would-be Russian reformers, but he does not make it quite clear how the Eurasianists would attempt to supply this deficiency. The aims of Europasian policy seem admirable in many respects, but so also were the plans put forward before the meeting of the ill-fated Constituent Assembly of January 1918. The problem of finding and maintaining an efficient public administration to control the vast territory and population of Russia in Europe and in Asia will for many years to come be the most important task of any and every Government that succeeds to the power of the Tsars.

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