Freedom for Alla Alexandrovskaya!

June 28th 2016, the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine arrested the head of the Kharkiv Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, the former people’s deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine and a known supporter of the country’s federalization and the Eurasian economic integration Alla Alexandrovskaya.

As stated by the coordinator of the civil platform “For Kharkiv” Alexander Alexandrovsky, the son of the 68-year-old deputy, she has been charged with “Encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.”

Alla Alexandrovskaya is one of the initiators of the draft law on the special status of the region. The project demands for the region additional rights for the development of its economic and social spheres.

Only because of this the Kiev authorities accused Alla Alexandrovskaya of alleged “separatism” and organized a defamation campaign in the Ukrainian media. The ex-MP has repeatedly received death threats from right-wing groups who accused her of lobbying Russian interests in Ukraine.

Kharkov lawyers, international human rights organizations, famous Kiev lawyers, colleagues from the Supreme Council of Ukraine and associates  of the Ukrainian Communist Party all came forward to the aid of Alla Alexandrovskaya.

The Center for Continental Cooperation demands the immediate release of the well-known supporter of Ukraine’s federalization and her economic integration into the EAEU! We ask all Europeans to support our just demand.


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