What is the CES?

The Center for Eurasian Studies (CES) is a multifunctional scientific, analytical, research and educational center that offers educational services and conducts research in the field of Eurasian economic integration.

What does the CES offer?

The CES is in the process of carrying out the functional of the "chair" for Eurasian economic integration at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, and as such, offers educational services, such as:

  • A master's program "European and Eurasian economic integration";
  • Advanced training modules in various aspects of Eurasian economic integration.

The CES is an acknowledged scientific, analytical and research center in the field of Eurasian economic integration, that:

  • conducts research on various issues of Eurasian economic integration;
  • publishes digital and printed scientific publications about the research results in the field of Eurasian economic integration;
  • conducts "project-offices" (brainstorming sessions);
  • conducts educational schools on Eurasian economic integration;
  • gives advice on various issues of Eurasian economic integration;
  • conducts scientific and practical events (round tables, conferences, forums) on the topic of Eurasian economic integration.

In which fields does the CES conduct research?

  • Economic integration in Eurasia (EAEU, Lisbon to Vladivostok and integration processes in "Greater Eurasia");
  • Legal framework and institutions of the EAEU;
  • Soft power, public diplomacy and informational support of the EAEU;
  • Security in the post-Soviet space and in "Greater Eurasia";
  • Regional studies of post-Soviet countries and of "Greater Eurasia".

What does the CES already have?

  • A legal entity (OGRN 1167700063332);
  • Its own office at the Higher School of Economics;
  • Its official Internet portal: eurasian-studies.org (RUS), greater-europe.org (ENG)
  • A support letter from the Eurasian Economic Commission.

With which organizations does the CES already cooperate or interact with?

Eurasian Economic Commission; Eurasian Development Bank; Institute of Economics of RAS; Institute for Economic Strategies RAS; Russian International Affairs Council; Valdia Discussion Club; Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia; MGIMO; INA "Russia Today"; IIASA (Vienna, Austria); WiiW (Vienna, Austria); IfO-Institute (Munich, Germany); and others.

Who is the director of the CES?

Yuri Kofner, born 1988 in Munich, Germany, is the founder and director of the Center for Eurasian Studies. He is a PhD student at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) and a research scholar with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria, where he participates in the international research project “Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Integration within a Wider European and Eurasian Space” in cooperation with the Eurasian Development Bank and the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Kofner is an expert with the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund. Participant of the annual Moscow Economic Forum, annual meeting of the International discussion club "Valdai" and the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum. He is also a visiting lecturer on Eurasian economic integration at the MGIMO-University MFA Russia and the HSE.

Publications by Yuri Kofner.